Welcome to Miss Vogelsang's 3rd Grade!
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November 4- November 8, 2019:

Monday, November 4:

Math: review packet question #1, 2, and 3

ELA: read chapter 6 of Treasure in the Tree

Spelling: write list #6 words three times

Tuesday, November 5:

Math: Study!! Module 1 test Thursday (11/7): Use study guides 

Spelling: Write a sentence for 10 words from spelling list #6

Science: Climate vocab sheet: Begin brainstorming climate project ideas

Grammar: Get test signed

Wednesday, November 6: NO SCHOOL

Thursday, November 7: 

Spelling: Write words 5 times: Spelling Test List #6 Tomorrow

Science: Begin Climate research porject due Tuesday, November 12.

ELA: Read About Earth pages 6-11

***Please check the brown envelopes***
***Class picture day is tomorrow***