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   Ms. Lacker's Fifth Grade Class!


Update: April 2020
As we continue our Distance Learning I want to congratulate all of you and your families! You're doing your work, you learning, and your still felxing that creativity!

Our Zoom schedule (All links will be posted on Google Classroom the day of the event)
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays   9:00am
* the whole school is welcome to join Ms. Powrie and all the staff for Morning Prayers. We'll pray together, read from our devotional book and acknowledge any prayer intentions. This has been a wonderful way to come together as an SPS family before God!

Mondays 12:00
*I will be holding a 5th Grade ELA Zoom call. These calls are mandatory, as there will be new information that will help you complete your assignments for the week. If there is a problem signing on, please get in contact with me. 

Tuesdays 1:00
Mrs. Riker will be hosting a 5th Grade Math Zoom call. These calls are mandatory as she will be teaching new material. 

Wednesdays  2:00
*Mrs. Dunbar will be hosting a Zoom art call for grades 3-5. This counts as your art special and will be a wonderful time to be creative and make something new! All are expected to attend!!

As always, I am here for you and your family in these difficult times. If something comes up, or your student is having trouble with anything, please reach out to me and I will help in anyway I can! We're all in this together. 

You can reach me at:


Update: March 23

Welcome to our first official week of distance learning! For your benefit, here is a list of what to expect this week. 

I have programmed Google Classroom so that all the assignments for each day will appear at 8:00AM. They are each due by 8:00PM. If there is a problem, do not hesitate to reach out to me and let me know, and I’d be happy to work with you. As I tell the students frequently: we are being flexible to changes that might happen. I thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work on the best ways to help your students. 

On each day this week, you will see 4 Assignments from me. Mrs. Riker will also post work on our 5th Grade Google Classroom. 

  1. Take Attendance: you or your child should complete this by 9:00am each morning. Just like each day at school, this is marking you as “present” and ready to work. 
  2. Simple solutions: These are reading comprehension passages that students have worked with before. They should read the article that I have attached to the assignment and then click on the “Form” to answer questions. They should look back in the text while answering the questions. Students should hit “Turn-In” when they have completed this assignment.
  3. Studies weekly: These are short lessons in social studies that have questions connected to each article. This unit we will be learning about culture in the Western Hemisphere. 
  4. Religion: This is the same that we would have done in class. Students should read the pages either in their book or on the PDF I have attached to the assignment. Then, they should complete the form answering the questions that are also in the pages. By using Google Forms, I am able to see their responses, which are the equivalent to classwork.

One thing to note: over the next few weeks we will be gradually introducing new websites and technology. As a school we will be implementing IXL, which is a wonderful site that allows us to assign specific skill practice. I will do my best to streamline the process of getting students logged in for the first time, and please contact me with any questions or concerns about getting these set up and I'd be happy to help in anyway that I can. I also am trying to ease us into this as much as possible: nothing too brand new right away. I want to keep you and the students from feeling any more stress. 

Thank you again for your understanding!
Stay safe and keep me in your prayers as I keep you and your families in mine!
-Ms. Lacker


Update: March 16
Digital Spirit Week!

Over the next week, let's keep the SPS spirit up even while we're out of the building. Post your pictures to the SPS facebook page! 

This is not mandatory, but extra credit will be awarded for participation. If you are unable to participate, students may bring photos of them dressed up when we return to school.

March 17: Wear green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
March 18: Sports team day
March 19: Wear red to honor St. Joseph
March 20: Wear your SPS spirit wear or pajamas

Have fun, and I look forward to seeing your school spirit!

Dear 5th Grade Parents,
As you are aware, St. Paul School, as well as all the elementary schools in the Archdiocese, will be closed from March 16th until March 20th. As a result, your child will be expected to complete work while at home in order to continue instruction as much as possible. I will post assignments on Google Classroom, which all students know how to access. (If your child is unable to access a computer over the next week, please email me at, and I will send the work to you in a printable document.) Should school be closed for an additional week, I will update the Classroom on Monday, March 23 with additional, similar assignments
Students should go to and log in with their school email address and password. This is something they do in class often, and are familiar with.
I greatly appreciate your cooperation during this challenging time!
*All work is mandatory: it will be collected and graded upon returning to school.*
In science class we have been working on our unit on Biology. We have been looking at plants and energy. On Google Classroom I have posted the assignment of a google slideshow. Students should pick one ecosystem, and conduct research on the plants, animals, and natural surroundings of the ecosystem. The assignment in full can be found on the Google Classroom.
1.Students should log onto Google Classroom and complete the three Readworks stories and questions assigned. They need to be completed by Friday, March 20th. This will help them practice reading comprehension and test-taking skills. Each story should take approximately 25-30 minutes to read and answer the questions.
2.Students should also choose a novel to read throughout the week. Every day they should read for about 20-25 minutes. After they have finished the book they will create a slide show, advertising the book to the rest of the class. Persuade us to read the book! Some main points to include:

  • Who are the main characters and how are they connected to each other?
  • What are some major events in the book?
  • What is the biggest problem?
  • What are some themes found in this book?
  • List 5 new or interesting words you found in this in this book? What do they mean?
  • What rating would you give this book? 1-5 stars
  • What was your favorite part?

On Tuesday, we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! A day to honor the Saint who helped bring Catholicism to Ireland, as well as celebrating unique parts of the Irish culture. Each day, your child should choose one writing prompt to write and respond to. There is no limit to how much they have to write, but they must write at least two paragraphs. Make sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
1.Write a letter to a leprechaun persuading him to share his gold with you: give him good reasons!
2.You have found a lucky charm! What is your lucky charm, and how does it help you during your day?
3.Ireland is famous for its rainstorms, which leads to rainbows! Imagine you find the end of a rainbow, what do you find? Use your imagination to describe what you find at the end of the rainbow.  
4.Saint Patrick was actually a Roman who journeyed to Ireland. Write a journal entry about what he might have been feeling as he left his home to go to a new land.
5.Surprise! You are now a leprechaun! You have the power to grant three wishes, but they cannot be your own. Who’s wishes do you grant and what do they wish for?
Students should also follow along in the religion book, completing the page per day we normally do in class. They should answer the questions asked on each page, and complete the chapter test when they get to it. They may look back in the book to help them with the test.
Again, thank you for your cooperation!
Keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine,
Ms. Sarah Lacker