Sr. Anne’s Kindergarten Class





Math–Practice writing the numbers 1 and 2.


No School







Math–Lesson 3 Homework page on “go-togethers”.  Children need to draw in the box something that goes with each pictured item.  What do you need with the apple juice?  What goes with mittens?  Then think of and draw two other things that go together.


**Check brown envelope and return envelope to school tomorrow.**       Quill 9x12 Clasp Envelopes



****There is a long-term assignment that goes along with our study of nursery rhymes.  Please read the “Dear Family Member” pages.  The children should at this time be able to recite two or three of the rhymes easily.  The rhymes are included in your packet.  We have discussed characters and events in the rhymes.  See if your child can tell you what they are. 

Finding the rhyming words can be difficult for many children.  Help them to find the rhyming words in each of the poems.

I am sending home a piece of drawing paper with your package so each of the children can do item number 3.   Your child should do the picture and I would appreciate it if you would write which nursery rhyme is pictured and anything your child said about the rhyme or about their picture.

This work will be due next Friday, September 29.

Math–Worksheet on fish tank matching.  Look at the pictures at the side.  Find the same pictures in the fish tank and draw a line matching up the two pictures.  Then color the two pictures the same.  Each pair of pictures should be a different color.

Tomorrow is pizza day.  Pizza is $2 per slice.

Tomorrow is also a dress down day.  Children must bring in $2 to dress down.


No homework

We hope to see you at the barbecue tomorrow at 5:00!