Fourth Grade


Mrs. Riker’s 4th Grade


Grade 4 Math Modules  Grade 5 Math Modules


Monday -April 3, 2107  

Religion-No class today

Reading- Read 20 minutes.  Fill in log

Math-  Do worksheet on triangles (2 sides) Do extra practice worksheet

Science-  Took Chapter 7 test today

ELA-  Write words in lesson 15 3 times each in cursive in vocab. notebook

Social Studies-no class

Handwriting-Do practice sheet

****Grade 4 is going to Book Fair on Tuesday, 4/4 at 1 pm.********

Wear regular uniform tomorrow/Bring in sneakers for gym

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Religion-Mass/ Confessions

Math-  Do triangle worksheet/Do extra practice worksheet

 Social Studies-  no class

Science no class

ELA-Write definitions for first 8 words for lesson 15 in vocab. notebook

Reading- Read 20 minutes.  Fill in log.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017  

Religion- We read pages 188-189

Science- no class

Math-  Do 2 worksheets (triangles, polygons) Do extra practice worksheet

Social Studies-   We read NY Studies worksheet # 20

 ELA-  Finish definitions for words in Lesson 15 in vocab. notebook.  Do worksheet on point of view

  Reading-  Simple Solutions- Read Lesson # 56, answer questions.  Read 20 minutes.  Fill in log

Handwriting- do practice worksheet (2 sides)


 Thursday- April 6, 2017  

Religion– Do Chapter 16 book test on page 194.  Will be graded

Math– Do two quadrilateral worksheets.  Do extra Practice worksheet

Social Studies– We finished NY Studies Weekly # 20

Science– We read Chapter 8 Lesson 1

ELA- Finish sentences for Lesson 15/ Study-test tomorrow, 4/7

Reading-Simple Solutions Lesson # 58.  Read 20 minutes.  Fill in log



Friday, April 7, 2017  



Social Studies-