Eighth Grade

Ms Robertson 8th Grade

Math Module Support:  Grade 8 Module Lesson Videos & Common Topics


Monday    November 13, 2017

 CLASS ACTIVITY FEE OF $25.00 cash is due

Religion: Read pages 53-54 and complete the activities on each of the pages


Vocab: Quiz today on Figurative language and Elements of a story


Math (Grade 6): Eureka Math Problem Set on Pg S.106

Math (Grade 7): Eureka Math Pg. S.69 and S.70

Math (Grade 8): Create 2 sequences of transformation questions. You must use at least one translation, one reflection, and one rotation. Each question must use 2 types of transformations.

Spanish (8th Grade) Worksheets from class


Tuesday   November 14, 2017

CLASS ACTIVITY FEE OF $25.00 cash is due

Religion: Read pgs. 55 – 57 highlight the Faith words and definitions within the reading

Reading: NY Progress ELA pgs. 32 – 35 Cite Evidence and Comprehension Checks

Vocab.: Wordly Wise Lesson 4A and 4B


Math (Grade 6): Eureka Math Pg. S. 107 #’s 1 – 14

Math (Grade 7): NY Progress pgs. 116 – 117 and Eureka Math pgs. S.71 – S.72 finish from classwork

Math (Grade 8): Eureka Math pg. S.49 – S.53 # 1 – 5

Spanish (8th Grade): Write down Chapter 16 vocabulary


 Wednesday   November 15, 2017

CLASS ACTIVITY FEE OF $25.00 cash is due

Religion: Chapter 5 Test Tuesday


Vocabulary: Wordly Wise Lesson 4C


Math (Grade 6):  10 questions on conversions given in class. Using fractions and show that the units reduce.

Math (Grade 7): NY Progress Pgs. 115-117. Look back at the examples that we reviewed in class.

Math (Grade 8): Eureka Math Pg. S.55 #2 – 3

Spanish (8th Grade): Read pgs. 316 – 317 Translate in notebook and translate the 10 questions


Thursday   November 16, 2017

CLASS ACTIVITY FEE OF $25.00 cash is due

Religion: Review Faith Words from Chapter 5. Test Tuesday

Reading: Finish NY Progress ELA questions and site evidence for pgs. 28-35

Vocab.: Study Chapter 4 Vocabulary


Math (Grade 6): no class

Math (Grade 7):  no class

Math (Grade 8): NY Progress Pgs. 117, 224 – 225. 

Spanish (8th Grade)


Friday  November 17, 2017

CLASS ACTIVITY FEE OF $25.00 cash is due

Religion: Chapter 5 Test on Tuesday. Study highlighted sections of the chapter 


Vocab.: Wordly Wise Lesson 4E. Vocabulary Test Monday and Spelling Test Tuesday


Math (Grade 6): 5 Conversions from class, and Eureka Math Pg.114 Part 1 question

Math (Grade 7): NY Progress Pg 119 and Eureka Math Pgs. S.75 and S.76

Math (Grade 8): Eureka Math pgs. S. 64 – S.66

Spanish (8th Grade):

Have a nice weekend!