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Parent Testimonial by Christine A. Ucker, R.N.

I graduated from St. Paul School in 1990, as did both of my brothers (1983 and 1989). I always remember my time here with great fondness. There was a close-knit feeling of community, with caring teachers and families helping students to grow in a faith-based academic environment. When it came time to consider schools for my own children, I came to St. Paul School for an Open House. I was given a tour by an outstanding 7th grader, who himself was relatively new to the school. He genuinely spoke very highly of all that the school has to offer. Also, in my opinion, it speaks volumes to see how many other alumnae choose to send their children to St. Paul School. So many parents feel that it is the continued tradition of community that really helps to shape civic-minded, high-achieving, caring young Catholics. Every year, I see the difference that the school’s personal attention and religious base make in my son and daughter; and I can’t help but feel that in choosing this school I made the right choice for my kids.